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What is speech analysis?

Speech analysis involves an in-depth analysis of your English pronunciation to identify areas for improvement. Before you start accent reduction it is important to know which elements of your pronunciation are most problematic so that you can focus your learning and study efficiently. This way you will make the fastest possible progress.


Who is it for?

My speech analysis service is for anyone who is confident they can improve their pronunciation on their own but needs help identifying areas for improvement and monitoring their progress. If you lack the time or money for private lessons or you already have experience reducing your accent in other languages, this service may be for you.


This service is not for people who need instruction to reduce their accent. If you require teacher led pronunciation exercises you should consider taking private lessons with me.

How does it work?

You will record yourself reading a short text and send me the audio file. I will then analyse it and send you a detailed evaluation of your pronunciation. The evaluation will grade each element from 1 to 5 so that you can prioritise your learning accordingly. I will also explain why any elements receive a score less than 5 and the action you need to take to improve your score.

I endeavour to send you the report within 5 days of receipt of payment and the audio file. I recommend you send me a new recording every couple of months to monitor your progress.

How much does it cost?


First analysis £15 GBP

Subsequent analyses £12 GBP


Payment via PayPal, Revolut or bank transfer before the analysis.

I don’t offer refunds. See my Refund Policy.

Make an enquiry

To request a speech analysis or further information, please send me an email or complete the form below. I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for submitting!
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