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About Me

  • CELTA qualified teacher with over 4 years experience teaching English. online and abroad.

  • Specialist in British English pronunciation and accent reduction.

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I have always had a passion for sound and played several instruments when I was young, including the guitar to grade 8. This passion led me to study Music Technology at Keele University where I graduated with a BA 1st class honours in 2012. Despite my passion for music, I couldn't resist working in London and I was drawn to a job in pensions administration. However, after 5 years I was unsatisfied with the corporate life and decided to change career.


In 2018 I moved to Peru where I taught business English to executives of multinational companies including Repsol and Scotiabank. I loved my time in Peru and found it incredibly rewarding helping my students reach their goals. I particularly enjoyed seeing them improve their pronunciation, which they had often struggled with for years.

In my experience pronunciation is the main source of communication breakdown among students but, despite this, it is woefully undertaught in many language schools. This motivated me to focus on pronunciation when I returned to the UK and continued to teach online as a freelancer.

My teaching style was inspired by the 'lean manufacturing' technique whereby products are manufactured more efficiently by prioritising the most important parts. By applying this technique to my teaching my students make rapid progress by focussing on the most problematic aspects of their pronunciation. This is achieved through repeated speech analysis, reception and reproduction exercises with the ultimate aim of self-sufficiency. You can find out more about my methodology in the private lessons section.


I learnt to speak Spanish fluently and passed the DELE B2 exam as an adult. Consequently, I understand the challenges my students face when learning another language, but I also know how to overcome them.


Apart from practising Spanish in my spare time I also like to travel, make YouTube videos, play the guitar and spend time with friends.

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